Vermont - Lake Champlain and The Northeast Kingdom

Vermont is a little state consisting of just 600k (+/-) people and endless amounts of beauty. If we didn't have places to be we'd likely still be there exploring every mountain top and valley in between.  

We stopped for an extended stay in Burlington for four nights. Camped right on lake Champlain and were within walking distance of the lively city and it's wonderful offerings. Hiked next to the lake one day, visited local vineyards and breweries another, ate at delicious restaurants and enjoyed some of springs local offerings. Envisioned a life here, just not sure about those winters though...

Next stop was further north and east, Barton, VT, which is right on Lake Crystal in what is known as the Northeast Kingdom. Little did we know that the mountains, lakes and valleys in Vermont were shaped by ancient glaciers, thereby giving this area gorgeous views at all turns. The weather at this particular time was starting to turn rainy about every other day which resulted in more time spent at camp than we would have liked. It also resulted in Hudson (our dog) getting sprayed by a "kitty" (with white strips down his back) the night before we left. Six baths later and the smell of fresh skunk in the car we moved a bit further east.

We stopped for two nights in Brighton State Park which is right on Island Pond. A beautiful park not far from the Canadian border and surrounded by farm country. Local farms means local produce and veggie stands, which we'll always take advantage of! Another thing Brighton State park had a lot of, was mosquitos... After two nights and many bites it was time to move on, but not before we stopped at one of the best breweries in the country, Hill Farmstead Brewery.

Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead is probably one of the most particular brewers I've heard of and pays very close attention to every detail of his craft, and it shows. Great beer on a very beautiful farmstead that's been passed down several generations. Though it's off the paved road and you think you probably took a wrong turn, it's was an awesome stop.

Growlers filled, skunked out husky, rain and wind coming in, we're off to New Hampshire.